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Dirlog is a program exclusively dedicated to Alfa Tango members that are on the 2020 directory or on the updates from H.Q., so it cannot be used by other group member.

The personal data set accept only AT Callsign.

The Dirlog 3 is a complete version, it's consisting of only one file, locate and run the Dirlog_3.exe file, installer begins to work; you follow only the instructions on the screen.

Pincode: the program request a pincode, that work with all version, if you don't have it, write to: and specifiing, correctly, Your callsign and Your name (do not use the guestbook for this)

The latest version is 3.05.00 of 31/03/2020 and work with: PlatformWindows 7Windows 8
Download: Dirlog3
From the y2K version build 2.00.36 the update is possible directly from the program via Internet.



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Update: 31/03/2020                                                                                                                                                                 73's de 1AT069 - Enio